About Us
Truelove's offer a wide variety of services and products. We can carry out any funeral required, providing it is legal. As well as our own extensive fleet of Daimler hearses and limousines, we can provide horse-drawn, motorcycle, vintage and lorry hearses. We have a huge range of coffins, caskets and ashes caskets available, from the traditional solid wood and veneered coffins to cardboard, wicker or bamboo or even those woven from banana leaves or water hyacinth. Some of the range can be printed with almost any design or picture, from a football team's colours to motor vehicles and fantasy scenes, subject to copyright. We also offer a full range of American caskets in wood or metal.
As well as burial and cremation, we can also offer “Green” burials. We are experts in repatriation to anywhere in the world. We also have a wide range of guaranteed pre-paid funeral plans. We even have our own white doves, which can be released on funerals. We are proud to remain an independent family business and hope to be able to meet any need required by the families we serve.