Environmentally Friendly Woven Ashes Caskets

Unless stated below, all of the caskets listed are available in rectangular or round shapes and have wooden name plates. Open weave caskets have a drawstring cloth lining.


Cane is particularly environmentally friendly, as it grows by up to six meters a year in downgraded forests, in marginal soil or in areas where other land products cannot grow. It provides an income for some of the poorest people living in and around the rainforests.

Cane round ashesCane round ashes
Cane oblong ashesCane oblong ashes


Seagrass is grown in paddy fields which are flooded with sea water at certain times of the year. It is highly renewable and comes from an environment where sustainability practices are employed. Once harvested, seagrass is dried and then spun into a strong yarn ready for weaving.

Oblong Seagrass ashesOblong Seagrass ashes
Round Seagrass ashesRound Seagrass ashes


Cocostick is made from the stems from the leaves of the coconut palm, which are fast growing by-products of the coconut tree. The leaves are dried out and the stems separated, producing tiny sticks which are strung together, making a natural colour variation. The Cocostick is only available in the rectangular shape.

Cocostick ashes casketCocostick ashes casket


Banana leaves are fast growing and freely available. The leaves are carefully removed and spun into long yarns ready for weaving.

Banana ashes urnBanana ashes urn
Banana ashes casketBanana ashes casket


Loom is actually natural paper which is spun into long yarns. The loom has a light brown colour with cream coloured cane inserted into the design for contrast. It is only available in the round shape.

Loom Ashes CasketLoom Ashes Casket


Bamboo is another ecologically sound material, as it grows very quickly. Once harvested, the plant grows back to its original size in just fifty-nine days. It is available in a rectangular shape with cotton lining & engraved cotton nameplate.


Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is an aquatic perennial plant that is one of the fastest growing species known to mankind. It is perniciously invasive and, uncontrolled, it quickly chokes waterways. It requires constant physical removal, which is very expensive. Harvesting water hyacinth for commercial purposes is an excellent means of environmental control. Strings of the dried fibres are spun together to form a braid ready for weaving. The dried stems are also used. It is available in a rectangular shape with cotton lining & engraved cotton nameplate.

Water HyacinthWater Hyacinth

Swaledale wool

Working closely with the British Wool Marketing Board, the manufacturers of the Swaledale support British Farmers by purchasing their wool through the Quality Assurance Scheme. The Swaledale is made in Yorkshire using pure new wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. It is only available in a rectangular shape in the choice of Natural or Limestone (grey).

Natural ash casket - GreyNatural ash casket – Grey
Natural ash casket - WhiteNatural ash casket – White