Costs & Disbursements


In all aspects of the funeral arrangements our staff will point out the procedures, and legal requirements. Whilst arranging the funeral, we will advise on costs and charges to be incurred, culminating in a full written estimate which will be given to the person responsible for the arrangements before the day of the funeral. Our account itself is divided into two separate parts, our charges and the disbursements. Our charges include professional fees and overhead costs, which include the provision of a 24 hour a day call rota, our professional services in making the funeral arrangements and arranging documentation and necessary personal attendance’s, the conveyance of the deceased to our chapel of rest and the use of the same until the day of the funeral.


Disbursements are essentially fees that we pay out on behalf of the family. These include doctors’ fees, crematoria/cemetery fees, minister’s fees, parochial fees and newspaper announcements. Our written estimate will detail the approximate cost of any disbursements. However, as we have no direct control over these charges, there could be slight variations from the estimate. Coffin or casket charges are for the coffin/casket you choose including the gown, lining etc.

The account can be paid for by cash, cheque or credit card.