Arranging a Funeral

We have built up our reputation by offering a dedicated and sympathetic service to the local community. All arrangements can be dealt with, be they cremation, burial, repatriation, monumental masonry, flowers or catering.

We have the experience to handle every aspect of arrangements which need to be made.

We will always be pleased to give advice on all aspects including registration, coroners’ procedures, Social Fund payments for funerals, probate and letters of administration.

We also act as a referral agency for different bereavement support groups such as CRUSE, Compassionate Friends, Widow Association, SANDS and Sutton Bereavement Service.

The nature of business in which we operate makes it essential that an understanding and highly trained team of staff are always on hand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to offer assistance and advice.

As your Funeral Director

We perform a unique and indispensable role in society. It is a role part professional, part vocation and part trade. Our funeral directors are always available in time of need. We provide emotional support, expert and practical advice.


You will experience the highest, most efficient standard of service.

Expert advice

The experience of the funeral director’s sympathetic ear is all the more valuable because we are dealing with the practicalities of the funeral. Our funeral directors will listen to you, the bereaved, as you decide what sort of funeral you want. We will inform you about the type of funerals available, the type of services, the forms to be filled in and the grants available. As a matter of course we are kept up to date with any changes that may occur in Social Security regulations relating to funeral grants and payments.

Experience and expertise

Our experience and expertise extends beyond that required on a day to day basis. We are sympathetic towards different ethnic and religious groups. Our funeral directors are aware of the special needs involved in supporting those who have suffered a sudden death.

Training and qualifications

Our funeral arrangers and conductors are trained and qualified to act as a professional and confidential advisors who ensure that arrangements are carried out with the efficiency and the dignity that this most difficult occasion demands.

Compliance with regulations

On the practical side, we ensure that all the necessary liaisons and deadlines are met and all the paperwork is completed and handed in at the right place at the right time. A full written estimate detailing the costs will be given with every funeral arranged. This shows the funeral director’s charges and details of the fees paid on behalf of the family. Much of the work that the funeral director does is discreet and is not always readily apparent what duties are carried out. The funeral arrangements can be made at anytime just by contacting us. We can call and see you or you may visit our Funeral Home. In selecting ourselves as your funeral director, we will ensure that each and every detail is discussed with you thoroughly to ensure your wishes and those of the deceased are correctly carried out.


On completion of cremation and doctors’ forms, the certificates are taken to the relevant authorities along with other legal documents. All documentation and discussion about the funeral will be retained for future reference by the family and ourselves. All information is kept in absolute confidence.

Liaison and confirmation

All communications, regarding the funeral arrangements, with clergy, church, cemetery or crematorium and liaison with the police and coroner when necessary, are taken care of.